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2006 UNAVCO Science Workshop Special Interest Group:

LiDAR Data: Management, Processing, and Access

Organizers: Dana Piwiniski (IAGT) and Christopher Crosby (ASU)

Ramesh L. Shrestha (NCALM/UFL): National Center For Airborne Laser Swath Mapping (NCALM) (93 MB PowerPoint)

David Harding (NASA GSFC): Overview of NASA Airborne and Satellite Laser Altimeters and Commercial Analysis Software (19 MB PDF)

Fred Pieper (IAGT): NASA LiDAR and the EarthScope Spatial Data Explorer (5 MB PowerPoint)

Christopher Crosby (ASU/GEON): The GEON LiDAR Workflow: An Internet-Based Tool for the Distribution and Processing of LiDAR Point Cloud Data (10 MB PowerPoint)

Thank you to the Special Interest Group presenters for making their presentations available for download
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