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1) LiDAR Data Distribution and Processing with GEON Cyberinfrastructure
    This project is focused on the development of an internet-based toolset for the distribution and processing of LiDAR point cloud data. We use a geoinformatics approach that capitalizes upon cyberinfrastructure developed by the GEON project. The GEON LiDAR Workflow offers LiDAR point cloud download, DEM generation and calculation of basic geomorphic metrics. More information is available from our GEON LiDAR Workflow page.

2) Application of LiDAR data to constraining a late Pleistocene slip rate and vertical deformation of the Northern San Andreas Fault, Fort Ross to Mendocino, California
    The objective of this research is to analyze LiDAR (LIght Distance And Ranging) topographic data of the Gualala block section of the northern San Andreas fault (NSAF) and associated marine terraces between the towns of Fort Ross and Mendocino, California acquired in February of 2003 to gain earthquake hazard understanding for the Northern San Andreas fault.

3 ) Utilization of LiDAR point cloud data for tectonic geomorphology and faulting studies
    Information on research related to the application of aerial LiDAR data to tectonic geomorphology, earthquake geology / paleoseismology and faulting studies.
4) Exploiting LiDAR for Regional Morphologic Correlation and Dating of Wave-cut and Fault-Controlled Landforms
    Work to develop techniques for regional morphologic landform correlation based upon hillslope diffusion modeling of topographic transects extracted from LiDAR data.
5) Tectonic geomorphology and earthquake geology of the 1857 reach of the San Andreas Fault: a new look from Airborne Laser Swath Mapping
    Application of the Southern San Andreas LiDAR dataset (aka the B4 project) to offsets along the 1857 earthquake rupture

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