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The LiDAR LISTSERV is intended to facilitate communication between geoscience users of LiDAR (Light Distance and Ranging) / ALSM (Airborne Laser Swath Mapping) data. The goal of this LISTSERV is to provide a central forum through which announcements about LiDAR-related workshops, meeting sessions, calls for proposals etc. can be sent in order to reach as many geoscience LiDAR / ALSM users as possible. We also see the LISTSERV as a venue through which announcements about the availability of new data sets and questions about data management, processing and software can be sent. The LiDAR LISTSERV is managed by the Active Tectonics Research Group at Arizona State University. The list is configured as a moderated LISTSERV in order to keep spam and inappropriate messages from reaching subscribers. The list is moderated by Chris Crosby (SDSC).

To subscribe to the list please send an email to: with the command: subscribe lidar first_name last_name in the body of the message (replace first_name last_name with your name).

Once subscribed, messages can be sent to the list by emailing:

To unsubscribe to the list please send an email to: with the command: unsubscribe lidar in the body of the message.

For users interested in discussions of terrestrial based LIDAR scanning technology and geospatial modeling we encourage you to consider joining the GEOMOD-LIDAR-L LISTSERV run by the LiDAR Laboratory at University of New Mexico.
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