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This page contains information prepared or compiled by our research group on technical aspects of LiDAR data and applications of these data. Please see our links page for links to LiDAR oriented documents, software, research projects and organizations.


Points2Grid Instructions / Help document (pdf)

Resarch Summary: "An Efficient Implementation of a Local Binning Algorithm for Digital Elevation Model Generation of LiDAR/ALSM Datasets"

Exploration of search radius for GEON LiDAR Workflow

Consideration of point count and optimal resolution and search radius for B4 ALSM data in the Carrizo Plain

Comparison of data acquired by the Optech 1233 and 5100 ASLM scanners for a portion of the Southern San Andreas fault

Analysis of LiDAR shot densities for NCALM Eastern California Shear Zone (ECSZ) survey and B4

Notes on LiDAR DEM Generation via Local Interpolation Methods (pdf)

Early notes on different interpolation methods (pdf)

Notes on Luke Wash Lidar Survey (pdf)
KMZ file of 10 foot LiDAR-derived DEM

Instructions for Running Interp (Linux version of P2G) on Raw Data Files (doc)

Analysis of overlapping LiDAR swaths see also blog entry.

Simple AWK command to clean a point cloud text file:
awk -F"," '{OFS=","}{if ($1 != strnum && $2 != strnum && $3 != strnum) print $1" " $2" " $3 }' 12525122622711892399111.txt > 9111clean.txt
(also checks to make sure the elements are actual numbers)

Exploring the new Open Topography Points 2 Grid with null filling

Comparing LiDAR shot counts: GeoEarthScope, ECSZ, and B4 surveys


2009: Using EarthScope and B4 LiDAR data to analyze Southern California's active faults - Sponsored by SCEC, OpenTopography, UNAVCO, and SDSC

2007 Geological Society of America Short Course:
Processing and Analysis of GeoEarthscope and Other Community LiDAR Topography Datasets

2006 UNAVCO Science Workshop LiDAR Special Interest Group:
LiDAR Data: Management, Processing, and Access - presentations on LiDAR / ALSM instruments, technology, software and data access.


San Diego Supercomputer Center TeacherTech Series workshop
Earthquakes recorded in the landscape: Using digital topography to investigate earthquake faulting - course presented to middle and high school teachers


TLS Point Cloud Georeferencing Utilities
xyzRotatorDH (m-file)

xyzRotatorDH (Linux (Korn) shell script)

Analysis of TLS for paleoseismic research
Videos of 3D point clouds (.avi):
T18:   video_1   video_2   video_3    video_4   video_5
T19:   video_1   video_2
T19c:  video_1   video_2   video_3   video_4

Updated T18 mosaic from Z+F technician Juergen Mauer: Improved mosaic 1. Improved mosaic 2. Improved mosaic zoom to left side. Improved mosaic zoom to right side. Juergen says: "make selections in the scans that cover the area with the best detail level and only a small overlap to adjacent scans".

Analysis of TLS scanning of the Landers earthquake scarp
Simple report

Analysis of the Alvord Basin terrestrial LiDAR data
Documentation for the analysis of the Alvord Basin TLS dataset (.pdf)

Utility descriptions and documentation:
3-column utility (.pdf)

count lines utility (.pdf)

get extents utility (.pdf)

3-column utility (m-file)

3-column utility (efficient version) (m-file)

count lines utility (m-file)

get extents utility (m-file)

A small sample of the raw dataset (.txt)

Output files of the sample data after processing them with the 3-column utility script:
sample output data for use in ArcMap (.txt)

sample output data for use in P2G (.txt)

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