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Geological Society of America 2008 Annual Meeting Short Course

Saturday, October 4, 2008:

Using GPS Data to Study Crustal Deformation, Earthquakes, and Volcanism: A Workshop for College Faculty--LiDAR component

Ramón Arrowsmith

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Main page at UNAVCO:

Earthquakes in the landscape presentation - Using digital topography to investigate earthquake faulting
High-Resolution Topography and Remote Sensing in the Earth Sciences

Other possibly useful powerpoints, etc.:
Introduction to the San Andreas Fault System and Simple model for earthquake cycle: elementary dislocation theory
U.S. Geological Survey, Professional Paper 1515 titled The San Andreas Fault System, California
Tectonic Geomorphology class lectures
Laboratory exercise focusing on Wallace Creek and the Bidart Fan
Accompanying photographs and figures in powerpoint for Bidart Fan site

Exercise 1 - SAF Deformation handout
Exercise 2 - Offset channels in the Carrizo Plain

Here is an excellent resource for data:

1/2 meter LiDAR Digital Elevation Models (DEM) in Google Earth Format (.kmz) for the Wallace Creek area of the Central San Andreas fault:

Laboratory exercise focusing on Wallace Creek and the Bidart Fan
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